Keep Your New Year Resolutions

9 tips on how to stick to your resolutions throughout the year.
Made a brand new pledge for a brand new year? Check out these nine tips on how to keep your New Year's resolutions throughout the year!

1. Set a realistic goal

Be realistic when setting your goal for the new year. Setting an overly ambitious resolution is just impractical, and is a sure way to backfire. Remember, new year resolutions are nothing more than starting points. In the end, baby-step achievements are much more meaningful than grand goals that never get fulfilled.

2. Formulate a plan

So, you've set a goal. But that's hardly enough -- you will need a plan to carry out which will make your goal a reality. Without a definite course of action for each step and stage, you won't have a clear idea how to achieve your goal. So plan well, and ahead of time. Formulate all the steps required to complete the goal.

3. Don't procrastinate

Many people put off carrying out their resolutions, making the excuse that now is not the right moment yet. But chances are, there won't be a more "convenient" or "conducive" period coming. Stop delaying and start executing before you forget your resolutions completely.

4. Find support

Tell your family members and friends about your resolution, and ask them for support and suggestions. For example, if you've decided to quit smoking, you can announce your cessation plan to your smoker friends and tell them you'd appreciate if they don't offer you cigarettes. Even better, find a friend who is dedicated to a similar new year resolution. You'll find it easier to work together to realize your goals when you can lend each other support and encouragements.

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